Art statement dishes

Menu By Joseph Hadad

Chef Joseph Hadad has dedicated the last 40 years into exploring the high cuisine. With his vision and passion he has been creating a culinary legacy in Romania, for the past 22 years.


A legacy that can be experienced in our new menu, which gathers deep knowledge from gastronomy, chemistry and architecture. The entire menu, showing cutting edge platings, was created as a tribute to the contemporary fine dining. Using only high quality ingredients and surprising fusions, all our dishes are an art statement.

Cold appetizer

Foie Gras

Porcini mushroom cream, pickled radishes, green apple marmalade, slice truffles and warm muffin

56.00 Lei

Beef Tartare Joseph Style

Beef Argentina, orange tomato carpaccio, pea powder, quail egg yolk, fennel leaves

48.00 Lei

Pani Puri Black Tiger Shrimps

Mango and avocado salad with coriander, passion fruit sauce, basil oil

52.00 Lei

Tuna Tartare

Avocado salad, mandarin gel and lemon cream with ginger, miso crumble

54.00 Lei

Green Symphony

Creamy hummus, seasonal vegetables, green asparagus and artichoke heart, pomelo slices, citrus oil

38.00 Lei

Hot appetizer

Lentil Risotto

Nero di seppia, crispy baby squid

42.00 Lei

Homemade Ravioli with Ricotta

Spinach cream, red caviar, aged parmesan foam

39.00 Lei

Ris de Veau

Parsnip mousse, sautéed porcini mushrooms, caramelized shallots, natural sauce

56.00 Lei

Coquilles Saint Jacques

Sautéed Saint Jacques scallops, celery mousse, tomato tartar with chives, oregano tempura, smoked duck breast

67.00 Lei


Harira Soup

Traditional Moroccan soup, chickpeas and lentils

28.00 Lei

Mediterranean Soup

Fish and seafood

59.00 Lei

Homemade pasta

Tagliatelle with Truffle Butter

45.00 Lei

Fish, Seafood

Whole Dover Sole/filleted at table side

Butter sautéed, seasonal vegetables, red quinoa, Champagne sauce

115.00 Lei

Lobster Risotto

Flavored with vermouth, marinated truffle carpaccio

82.00 Lei

Asiatic Salmon Fillet

Black soybeans, wood ear mushrooms, green asparagus, mirin, lemongrass vinaigrette dressing, enoki

69.00 Lei

Semi Raw Tuna

Tempura nero di seppia, strips of black and white radish, wakame, yuzu jelly and Ponzu suce

89.00 Lei

Sea Bass á la Provence

Crispy artichoke heart, coriander oil, bell pepper cream, Thassos olive sauce and crunchy almonds

78.00 Lei

Main Course

Argentinian Beef Fillet & Foie Gras

Porcini mushrooms, Madagascar pepper sauce

105.00 Lei

New Zealand Rack of Lamb

Sweet potato cream, demi-glace sauce

98.00 Lei

Duck Breast

Glazed in fig vinegar, red cabbage puree, cherry sauce, baked Pink Lady apple

72.00 Lei

Sous Vide Chicken Breast

Potato foam with mascarpone, Armagnac sauce with tarragon

52.00 Lei

Duck Legs Tagine

Baked roots, candied quince, ras el hanout

58.00 Lei

Grilled Ribeye Black Angus

149.00 Lei


Catalan Cream

Caramelized brown sugar, almond lace, raspberries

38.00 Lei

French Cheese Selection

42.00 Lei

Chocolate Wave

Chocolate bar, truffle, amarena cherries, chopped almonds and pumpkin, chocolate mousse, passion fruit gel, berries

45.00 Lei


Black and white chocolate ganache, red beet crumble, porcini cream, candied quince, Havana cigar tobacco, forest mushroom powder, tonka beans, fir resin sauce

45.00 Lei

Lemon and Yuzu Tart

Fresh blueberries, Italian meringue, passion fruit marmalade, macarons, olive oil dust, confit olives, raspberry sorbet

42.00 Lei