Concept by

Joseph Hadad


“I breath spices and I create them from scratch. I dream every recipe, I wake up in the morning, I draw it and after that I go in the kitchen and cook it. This is the process of every single recipe from the menu.” ̴̴  Chef Joseph Hadad

Contemporary fine dining, intimate space, author recipes and an art deco style. These are the 4 elements that define Joseph restaurant.

With over 40 years of culinary legacy, Chef Joseph Hadad describes himself as a “forever passionate food lover”, driven every day by the same curiosity as that of a child. With the talent of an artist and the determination of an excellent sportsman, Chef Joseph recreates the art of fine dining by combining natural ingredients with culinary architecture, adding a personal touch and so much attention to details.

“Besides my three children, the biggest accomplishment of my life is the ability of reinventing new and new recipes. <<Joseph by Joseph Hadad>> is a concept born from my biggest desire, that of sharing my dreams with my guests. Whoever walks in my restaurant will not only taste unique combinations of ingredients, but will also indulge his senses with a multicultural variety of flavors, brought from all over the world and masterly combined with pure herbs, spices and unique sauces.”


Chef Joseph Hadad likes to say that gastronomy is about feelings an sensations, about sacredly respecting what you eat, but also about enjoying the magic of every flavor:

“Love of my life? Cooking! It flows through my veins and keeps me alive. And I am glad to share it with all of you, at my fine dining restaurant, Joseph by Joseph Hadad”.


Yours truly,

Chef Joseph Hadad